Ellie K

North Dunedin , Dunedin
Special Event
1 hour
Bridal Trial
1 hour 15
1 hour 45
1 hour 45

"Getting to help a diverse range of people discover and take control of their confidence within makeup! Seeing someone feel beautiful or rock a new lipstick is so worth it "

- Too faced
- Anastasia Beverley Hills
- Becca
- Stila
- Special Event makeup
- Bridal
Take care of your skin! Your makeup will only look as good as what your skin allows it to look. This includes taking off your makeup before bed!!
That everyone is beautiful no matter what, but if makeup can make someone feel more confident and happy in their skin, then wear it with sass, pride and fearlessly
Getting employed for mac cosmetics! I got employed in general makeup in a department store when i turned 16 and the goal was to always end up at mac
1. MAC Level 1 Makeover - MAC cosmetics



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